Online Poker

Multiplayer online poker is one of the fastest growing pastimes on the net today. The house does not have an edge unlike the online casinos as you play online poker against real people. The house provides the facility and that is where they get their cuts, but it is up to the players to fund the game. This enables friends to get together without even leaving their homes! This is such a popular game that it in not uncommon to find hundreds if not thousands of player online. This enables you to locate a game that is more suitable to your pocket. There are the poker rooms that provide a full set of rules and there are those that also provide some strategy to assist you in getting good online gaming pleasure.

Poker game descriptions:

Texas Hold'em

For all Poker Tournaments Championship Events this is the game of choice as it is a fast and fun variation of Seven-Card Stud. At the start two cards (these are your Hole Cards) are dealt face down to each player. Then there is your first betting round. Three cards, which are called the flop, are dealt face up in the center of the table. While remaining in the center, these cards are part of each player's hand. Then there is your second betting round. There is another card, which is called the turn, which is dealt to the center followed by your third betting round. The final card that is dealt is called your river and this is also dealt into the center, followed by your final betting round. The hole cards of bet and called hands are turned over and the highest five-card hand determines the winner.

Seven Card Stud

Your most well known and probably the easiest Poker game to learn is Seven Card Stud. Seven cards are dealt to the player and are unique to each. First your two hole cards are dealt face down and on card face up. Then there are three more cards dealt to each player face up. Between each deal there are betting rounds. The final card is dealt face down and is followed by the final betting round. The winner is determined by the best five-cards.


Omaha is dealt the same way that Hold'em is, except that players start with four cards face down instead of two. Out of the hand two cards must be used along with three on the board to make your best five-card hand. There are far more drawing opportunities per player than in Hold'em, as there are six two-card combinations in each individual player's hand rather than two, therefore creating a fast-paced, exciting poker game.

Omaha (8 or Better)

This game is dealt in the same way as Omaha, however the Highest (best) and lowest (worst) hands split the pot. Aces may count for either a low or a high, in a low as a low, in a high as either a low or a high. The best hand for a low is A-1-2-3-4-5 and this also makes a straight. Your hand must be an 8 low or lower in order to win a low. It is possible for the same player to win both high and low in the same hand since different two-card combination can be used from your hand for high and for low. This game has more drawing opportunities per player than the high version of Omaha, therefore it can get very fast and furious.


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