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With our Casino Gambling guide, you can find reviews of the best casinos, online poker rooms, and a little guidance about the games. What you won't find of course is a guaranteed way to win, that unfortunately, is in the hands of fate. What we won't leave to chance is the quality of the casinos and poker rooms that we recommend. If you look at a typical free no deposit casino or poker site, they will all say they are the biggest, the mostest, and the best.

Yeah right! That's not going to happen in a hurry. It's quite simple really, we have been webmasters for over 4 years now. We know where the players are most loyal and we know where there have been problems. The cumulative power of the information on message boards adds up to a powerful lie detector. In summary then, we will only refer you to online casinos in south africa and poker rooms where we reckon you will totally enjoy the experience. Of course, each Casino on this site is extremely well known and respected so that has made this task all the easier.

In this wonderful world of online casino gambling, you will always be able to find a special casino like White Lotus for example, that caters strongly to your individual tastes from any game you could possibly think of right through to the ever popular game of online slots. Be aware of what it is you want and browse the casino website thoroughly. There are many clues to be found about what you can expect for your loyalty and about the games on offer.Online Casinos like Golden Palace are very well known due to their overall marketing effort whereas newer online casinos are more likely to give more away in an effort to attract customers. It's up to you to decide where to go.

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Silversands Online Casino

Silver Sands are among the best there is to choose from and in fact are pretty much a household name - Powered by Real Time Gaming, Silversands have some awsome online pokies to choose from that provide some of the best graphics, sound and animation in the gaming industry. Silversands are also not shy when it comes to bonuses, tournaments and much much more.....................To start off with why not try out the R100-00 exclusive Free No Deposit Bonus they are offering our clients - Use Code V6DMD


Internet gamblers, and in fact all gamblers, are potentially vulnerable to gambling addiction. For some, this may mean spending a little too much, for others though, it may mean financial ruin and the breaking up of a family. Here are 5 golden rules to help:

  1. Budget - We are fairly normal people you know. Not all of us have unlimited funds. What you do is create a monthly budget that you can afford to spend on gambling. Then, each time you play you deduct what you lose off that budget. If you are losing to fast, moderate your play so that you can make the money last. Do NOT compromise your budget!
  2. Emotion - As we have said, live to the budget. If you lose, smile, because it's going to happen quite regularly. What you must NOT do though is to get angry and to throw more and more money away in an effort to win. This is the most destructive mood I can think of. It's called throwing good money after bad!
  3. Alcohol/Drugs - We spoke about controlling your emotions above. Believe me, your emotions and rationale will be impaired if you play while under the influence of alcohol or even over the counter drugs! That's when you wake up the next day and wonder why you have no money left!
  4. "Can't lose" systems - Wow, you get an e-mail or you see a website promising untold wealth at the slots, or video poker, or blackjack ..... You know what? These games are random and there are a specific number of possible results. A good calculator will tell you that the odds on every game favour the casino. You want to lose? Buy a "can't lose" system and then you will be minus the cost of the system as well as the gambling funds you lost!
  5. Winners know when to stop - I also call this greed. On so many occasions, a player wins a tidy sum but instead of seeing it as money for the holiday or a few months rent, the player inflates it, dreaming of the what if I could buy a new house (or similar dream). So they play on, and they lose, but with the knowledge that they have won before, they throw it all away and more besides. This is perhaps the most destructive pattern. It's very easy to be caught up in dreams.


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